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You probably know about the proposed Highway 101 overcrossing project (wildlife bridge) at Liberty Canyon.  What you may not know is that the RCD, with funding from the CA Wildlife Conservation Board, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and others, is restoring habitat around the Liberty Canyon crossing in preparation for the wildlife bridge. The Woolsey Fire destroyed significant portions of the original restoration, but we are hard at work rebuilding what was lost.  The restoration is nearing completion, as you can see in these photos, so the area will be ready for construction of the wildlife bridge.

While working on this restoration we spotted a Roadrunner! We call this resident roadrunner “Phoenix”. Our executive officer originally saw him/her the day after the Woolsey fire burned through this area in November 2018. He was on the north side of the 101 and saw something zip over a rise kicking up a trail of ashes. He swore it was a roadrunner but had never seen one in the area before. Since then, Phoenix has made a successful crossing following the partially burned path of the undercrossing, and now lives in our project area. The restoration team sees him/her all the time and Phoenix seems curious about all the activity.



Check out a video of Clark Stevens and Project Manager, Mark Abramson, discussing the design choices involved when planting this restoration site.