Keep Your Green - Sustainable Landscape Consultation

The Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains (RCD) is now providing on-site consultations for home and business owners on how to save water, money and improve water quality by initiating sustainable landscaping solutions on their property. “Keep Your Green” refers to the money (“green”) saved through a reduced water bill and (green) climate-appropriate plants. The home consultation model is a perfect fit with the RCD’s long-term commitment toward soil and water conservation, water quality protection, erosion control, oak health, fire-safe landscaping and native habitat restoration.   
RCD Conservation Biologists, trained in Sustainable Landscaping, Habitat Restoration and Permaculture Design are currently conducting these timely consultations. The idea for RCD home consultations arose from the many site-specific questions and concerns from local residents who needed to meet their reduced water budget allocations from local jurisdictions. Many folks also felt the need for a site-specific evaluation of what sustainable landscape solutions work best for their yard, slope, soil, shade/sun, trees etc. These practices may include planting native and climate-appropriate plants for water conservation and habitat value, downspout re-directs, rain gardens, and rainwater storage with cisterns and rain barrels. Some of these solutions can be implemented by homeowners or their gardeners. For professional assistance, the RCD can provide a list of Sustainable Landscape Professionals.
To arrange a “Keep Your Green” sustainable landscaping consultation with an RCD biologist, please contact us at (818) 597-8627 or send an email to  The RCD is not funded to provide this service, so there is a fee of $175 for a 90 minute consultation.  

 Download our flyer here: