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January 23 – Agenda

February 27-Agenda

March 27-Agenda

April 24-Agenda

May 22-Agenda

June 26-Agenda

July 24-Cancelled

August 28-Agenda

September 25-Cancelled

October 4-Agenda

October 23

November 27

December 18 (3rd Monday of the month)




January 25 – Agenda
February 22 – Agenda
March 28 – Agenda
April 25 – Cancelled
May 23 – Agenda
June 27-Agenda
July 25-Cancelled
August 22-Agenda
September 26-Moved to Oct. 3-Agenda
October 24-Cancelled
November 28-Agenda
December 19 (3rd Monday of the month)-Agenda


February 23 – Agenda
March 23 – Agenda
April 27 – Agenda
May 18 (3rd Monday of the month) – Agenda
June 22 – Agenda
July 27 – Agenda
August 24 – Agenda
September 28 – Agenda
October 26 – Agenda
November 23 – Cancelled
December 21 (3rd Monday of the month) – Agenda

2014 Meeting Agendas:

January 27 – Agenda
February 24 – Agenda
March 13 (Special meeting) – Agenda
March 24 – Agenda
April 28 – Agenda
May 19 (third Monday) – Agenda
June 23 – Agenda
July 15 (Special meeting) – Agenda
August 25 – Agenda
September 22 – Agenda
September 29 (Special meeting) – Agenda
October 27 – Agenda
November 24 – Agenda
December 15 – Agenda


January 28-Agenda
February 25-Agenda
March 25-Cancelled
April 22-Agenda
May 20 (third Monday)-Agenda
June 24-Agenda
July 22-Cancelled
August 26-Agenda
September 23-Agenda
October 28-Cancelled
November 25-Agenda
December 16 (third Monday)


January 23-Agenda
February 27-Agenda
March 26-Agenda
April 23-Agenda
May 21 (third Monday of the month)-Agenda
June 25-Agenda
July 23-Cancelled
August 20 (third Monday of the month)-Agenda
September 24-Agenda
October 22-Agenda
November 26-Agenda
December 14 (Friday)-Agenda


January 24-Agenda
February 25Agenda
March 28-Agenda
April 25-Agenda
May 23-Cancelled
June 27-Agenda
July 25-Agenda
August 22-Agenda
September 26-Agenda
October 24-Agenda
November 28-Agenda
December 19Agenda

Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors

There is a public meeting of the Board of Directors on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 pm. If that day is a holiday, then the Board selects an alternate date. The agenda and materials are available at least 72 hours in advance. To receive meeting announcements, email info@rcdsmm.org with subject line: Add to Board Notice List.

Next Meeting

Wednesday October 4, 2017*
Location: Topanga Library
122 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290

*This meeting will run from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will focus on organizational assessment and the drafting of a new Strategic Plan.  The regular meeting on September 25 is cancelled.

All materials on this page may be revised until 72 hours prior to the meeting. If materials are not available for an agenda item by 72 hours prior to a meeting, the item may be pulled from the agenda.