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Wildfire Defense Series

A Guide to Wildfire Resilience at Your Home

Welcome to the Wildfire Defense Video Series! This educational hub is designed as the go-to place for all home-hardening and defensible space information you need to prepare and defend your property and yourselves against wildfire ignition. Videos posted here will break down technical concepts and provide clarity around the importance of implementing home hardening and defensible space techniques throughout your property.

This video series is categorized into five main wildfire resilience topics. Utilize the links below to easily navigate this page and find the videos best suited to your unique fire preparation needs. 

This series is provided by the Community Resilience Team of the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains with additional expertise from VCFD and UCANR.

Home Hardening

Start with your home. The most important place to begin preparing defensible space is with your home. Fortifying or retrofitting your home can be your best defense against ember intrusion.

How to Prepare Your Home for Wildfire:

Home Ignition Zone Evaluation

How to Harden Your Home for Wildfire:

Vents, Gutter Guards and Gaps

Defensible Space

Design a native & fire-wise landscape. Beyond the home, implement fire-wise landscaping practices where plants and hardscape are selected and maintained so that they do not transmit fire. Establish your defensible space so that the risk of fire transmission to your property is reduced, and fire fighters can safely protect your home.

What is Allowed in Zone Zero, the 0-5ft zone?

How to Create Proper Defensible Space?

What are the Defensible Space Zones?

Zone Zero Retrofit Pilot Program

Fire Ecology

Understand your environment. Fire is a part of the natural environment in Southern California. If you live in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), there will always be the potential for wildfire.

How Are Oak Trees Fire Resistant?

Wildfires in Southern California


Improve your resiliency. It is not a question of IF a fire will occur, but WHEN. Preparation for wildfire requires that YOU take responsibility for your safety, property, and pets in the event of a fire. Maintain your property to reduce the risk of damage during a wildfire, and be fully prepared to evacuate.

How to Prepare for Red-Flag Warning Days

Seasonal Guides

Follow wildfire prevention year-round. Wildfire preparedness is a year-round activity, follow these seasonal guides to prepare your family and property. 

Fall Wildfire Seasonal Preparedness

Spring Wildfire Seasonal Preparedness

Winter Wildfire Seasonal Preparedness

Summer Wildfire Seasonal Preparedness