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Strategic Resource Planning

The RCDSMM regularly coordinates the development of resource, land use, and management plans and feasibility studies.

Examples of planning efforts include:

  • Wildlife Habitat Overpass at Liberty Canyon, in progress
  • Trancas Lagoon Restoration Feasibility Study, 2015
  • Oak Woodland Conservation Management Plan for Los Angeles County, 2014
  • Biological Resources & Land Use Considerations of the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, 2007
  • Malibu Creek Watershed Natural Resources Plan
  • Historic Distribution of Southern Steelhead Trout in the Santa Monica Bay Region, 2005
  • PSR/PDS Topanga Lagoon Bridge on Pacific Coast Highway, 2004
  • PSR/PDS Topanga Canyon Blvd. Narrows Roadway and Tunnel, 2004
  • Topanga Creek Watershed Management Plan, 2003
  • Topanga Creek and Lagoon Watershed Feasibility Study, 2002