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Defensible Space Landscape Consultation

The RCD helps you prepare for wildfires with our Defensible Space Landscape Consultation Program.

Please note this program is currently on hold but may return later this year. Check this webpage regularly for updates.

Photo #1 Studio Pappaterra Zone 0 ; Photo #2: Studio Pappaterra Mariposa Gardens image by Holly Lepere ; Photo #3 Studio Pappaterra Seminole Springs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Defensible Space Landscape Consultation?

A Defensible Space Landscape Consultation includes a review of your landscape and your HIZ evaluation. You will receive a site-specific design plan and a list of suggested native plants for your area.

Consultations are performed by a landscape architect contracted by the RCD. The homeowner is under no obligation to complete any of the recommendations, though the design plans will provide the needed information to implement. Assistance with implementation costs may be available.

How can I make an appointment?

We are not currently accepting reservations for this program. Please check this webpage regularly for updates as we hope to resume this program again in late 2023. To learn more about fire-wise landscaping and home hardening, visit defensiblespace.org, our one-stop platform for best practices to reduce the risk of wildfire.

How much does a Defensible Space Landscape Consultation Cost?

This service is provided free of charge until the grant funds are exhausted, and afterwards as a fee service. Get in touch right away to reserve your spot!

Who can sign up for a Defensible Space Landscape Consultation?

This service is available to residents of Los Angeles County and Simi Hills who live in the wildland urban interface or intermix. Check out this map to see if you live in the WUI. If you are still unsure if you are eligible, send an inquiry to our Community Resilience Team.