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Upcoming Events

The RCDSMM events calendar is your guide to conservation and education events in the Santa Monica Mountains. Check back often for new listings.

2024.02.03 Volunteer Group Shot

Oak Planting at Nicholas Flat

The RCD needs your help to restore coast live oaks throughout Nicholas Flat at Leo Carrillo State Park.

Join us to plant, water, weed and mulch trees as well as build protective cages to ensure they thrive into the future. 

Trippet Ranch Oak Care

The RCD needs your help to restore our native oak woodlands! Volunteer to care for the over 300 young coast live oak treees planted throughout Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park using the link below.

2022.07.16 Burbank-WildfirePreparednessTraining_groupPhoto

Regular volunteer events will soon resume. Stay up-to-date on upcoming opportunities by regularly checking this webpage, following us on social media (@rcdsmm) or signing up for our quarterly newsletter.