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Adopt a Baby Oak
As of Friday, August 14th we will no longer be accepting new requests to adopt oak trees, but you can still donate to help us care for trees not adopted or in other areas.  If you have already adopted a tree, please continue caring for the tree until the end of October or until you hear otherwise.

CA State Parks and RCDSMM have been working together to restore 10 acres of oak woodlands that were devastated during the last drought at Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park.  Over 200 acorns and seedlings have been planted to mitigate for the loss experienced in the park. We have also been growing over 300 oaks in lower Topanga State Park at the old Rodeo Grounds to restore the tree canopy along the creek. Due to Covid-19 precautions, RCDSMM is not able to hold monthly large volunteer events to water and care for these trees.  During the hot summer months, baby oaks desperately need any water they can get and rely on volunteers for that water.

How you can help:

  • *Please note we are no longer accepting requests for tree adoptions.*  Those who have already adopted trees, please continue to care for them until the end of October or until you hear otherwise.
  • Care for the tree when you can.  Baby oaks need approximately 5 gallons of water per month, but any bit of water will help in the hot, dry summer months.  Bringing an extra liter once a week when you hike can be life saving for these oaks. Pour the water slowly allowing it to soak into the soil around the inside and outside edge of the tree cage.
  • Weed around the oak when possible to remove invasive species and species that might out-compete the seedling. Let us know if the cage is damaged. Cages prevent bunnies and deer from eating the trees!
  • Take a picture of your oak and see the progress over the summer months. Send us your photos to post. 
Would you love to help, but are not able to visit the park regularly?

We have a small team that is able to continue to care for trees but are limited by funding.  If you would like to adopt a tree but are not able to regularly visit Trippet Ranch or the Rodeo Grounds, you can donate to the RCDSMM Oak Fund and we can care for the tree.  It costs $25/month for us to grow the trees but all donations help!

Adopt a baby tree and help keep our oaks alive.

These oak trees can live for over 100 years and will have strong positive impacts on this area.

Give the tree some love and watch it grow for a lifetime.