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Our education department entered the 2020 school year with hearts full of hope and heads full of scientific knowledge ready to be shared. With laptops, place based journals and simple household supplies at the ready, our team of educators was prepared for the world of virtual education. The only issue was figuring out how to connect with teachers and students. But thanks to support from generous foundations, the LAUSD Season of STEM program was born.

The Season of STEM was a program aimed to bring science education to students throughout Central Los Angeles Unified School District, despite most or all students sheltering in place. Many organizations across Los Angeles came together to deliver high quality virtual science education to students with an emphasis on low-income, historically disenfranchised families.

The program launched in fall of 2020 but continued through spring and summer of 2021, with the RCD virtual education team in attendance throughout. Our team led programs both during and after school, providing environmentally rich classroom-driven education and enrichment activities. The RCD was able to reach more than 80 teachers and over 2,500 students, teaching classes on community science, connecting with nature through journaling, herpetology, watershed science and local plants and animals of the Santa Monica Mountains. Here’s what one teacher had to say about our community science focused curriculum,

The RCDSMM provided students with a unique opportunity to explore science standards through hands on activities. The science staff presented lessons that were relevant and experiments and activities that used everyday items students could easily find at home. This program motivated students to explore science in a fun and engaging way.”

With the 2021-22 school year beginning, our team is excited to launch reimagined versions of our field and on-campus programs along with new adaptations of our virtual learning.  Visit our website to find out more information or to schedule a program.