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2020 proved to be an unimaginably tough year. Despite the difficulties our worldwide community faced, the depth of peoples’ compassion never wavered. While the world changed in unexpected ways, communities continued to ban together to fight for our climate and preserve their local environment. The RCD’s mission is to preserve the environment of the Santa Monica Mountains, so our 2020 end of the year donation campaign was dedicated to protecting and enhancing our local ecosystem and community. With that in mind, we challenged ourselves to raise $10,000 in donations for the first time in RCD history.

Our campaign launched with the idea of connection in mind. We wanted to bridge the gap between our communities and the wildlife that surrounds them. Deepening the connection between people and wildlife, especially during a time of intense isolation, felt paramount to our donation campaign’s mission. We kicked off our campaign in early December beginning with Giving Tuesday, on which we raised just over $1,500. This was a great start, but we had work to do.

We continued to reach out to our community through December, emphasizing the protection of special places and projects that needed our community’s support. Throughout the holidays, donations continued to pour in and, with the help of some larger individual donations, our donors exceeded our campaign goal and raised $10,500!

We cannot express how grateful we are to our community. We want to thank each and every one of you for making the restoration work we do possible, whether you donated your money or your time during 2020. Donations will allow your RCD to continue monitoring endangered species, restoring ecologically vital native oak woodlands, providing environmental education to students throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties, creating a more wildfire resilient community through education and restoration, and providing leadership on special projects, including the construction of the 101 Wildlife Crossing and Topanga Lagoon restoration. Without our incredibly supportive and hard-working community none of this vital work would be possible.

As 2021 continues to be full of surprises we know with our community behind us there’s nothing we cannot accomplish. We are looking ahead to another year filled with critical restoration and education work and continue to remain grateful for the generosity of our community.