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Topanga State Park Education Program

Teacher Resources

We are excited that you are bringing your class to our Topanga State Park Education Program!

The following information has been gathered to help prepare your students for the field trip and to help create a more meaningful experience. Please feel free to share any of these resources with your families so they can also learn more about our local wild spaces.

Preparing Your Student Scientists

Topanga Bird Species Slideshow

Bird Slideshow

Use this Google Slide deck to introduce your students to some of the bird species they might see at Topanga State Park.

Plants of Topanga Slideshow

Plant Slideshow

This slideshow will help your students become familiar with the plants they may spot along the hike at Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park.


Online Games

Recycle City

Click this box to access the EPAs Recycle City online game.

Build a Bird

There are so many interesting birds to see at Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park! Click this box to access a game in which you build your very own bird and learn how specific adaptations and location choice help (or hinder) its ability to survive.

Helpful Videos

This quick video gives a great and succinct description of a watershed so your students can begin to understand this complex idea.


Urban Wildlife Walk

Go on a virtual tour of a local LA neighborhood with RCD educator, Jelly, and learn how to identify some plants that may be in your own neighborhood!

Learn About Tree Cookies!

Learn what a tree cookie is and how scientists can use them to tell the story of a tree!

Bird Basics Video

Help your students better understand the unique adaptations of different bird species.

Post Field Trip Activities

School Yard Cleanup

A school yard cleanup is a great way for students to connect what happens in the upper watershed with that happens in the lower reaches. The trash that ends up on the ground at school will eventually end up in the ocean if someone does not deal with it. Check out the link below to the California Coastal Commission’s School Yard Cleanup!

Project Learning Tree Family Activites

Check out activities for the whole family and introduce students to nature. These fun and easy-to-do activities can be used while you explore your own backyard, visit a local park, or walk in the woods—as well as indoors!

Directions to Topanga State Park Ed. Program

20828 Entrada Rd, Topanga, CA 90290

From S Topanga Canyon Blvd. turn right [if you are coming from PCH] or left [if you are coming from HWY 101] on Entrada Rd. Follow that road for 0.7 miles until Entrada splits. Keep left and drive 0.3 miles until you reach the park entrance of Trippet Ranch on the left.

Drive along that short road until you see a small ticket office which will likely be empty. Keep following that road to the parking lot and RCD Educators will be there to greet you!