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Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve Education Program

Teacher Resources

We are excited that you are bringing your class to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve!

The following information has been gathered to help prepare your students for the field trip and to help create a more meaningful experience. Please feel free to share any of these resources with your families so they can also learn more about our local area.

Preparing Your Student Scientists

Sepulveda Basin Slideshow

SBWR Slideshow

Check out this slideshow to give students an overview of the Sepulveda Basin program. You will need Chrome to load this. If you have trouble, let us know and we will send the slideshow as a pdf.

Bird Species Flashcards

Bird Flashcards

This set of flashcards will help your students become familiar with the birds they are likely to see at Sepulveda Basin.


NASA Precipitation Education

Here is a link to a great NASA Precipitation Education website. There are articles, videos and lessons.


Online Games

Discover Water with ProjectWET

Peruse this suite of virtual water related science activities brought to you by our partners at ProjectWET. Activities include learning about the water cycle, tips for conserving water, exploring local aquatic critters and more. Click here to explore!

Mission Migration

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve is part of the Pacific Flyway and the field program includes birdwatching. Take this quiz to figure out the various challenges birds face as they attempt to migrate to different parts of the world to survicve and thrive. Click here to take this quiz and help your bird migrate safely.

Recycle City

Click this box to access the EPAs Recycle City online game.

NASA Climate Kids

Learn all about the causes of air pollution and what that means for our climate. Explore NASA Climate Kids here.

Helpful Videos

This quick video gives a great and succinct description of a watershed so your students can begin to understand this complex idea.


Bird Basics Video

Help your students better understand the unique adaptations of different bird species.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Wetlands!

Give your students a more in depth overview of wetlands, their function and their importance with this long form video.

Virtual Tour of SBWR

Go on a virtual tour of Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve with RCD educator, Isaac, and learn about some of the birds you are likely to see!

Post Field Trip Activities

School Yard Cleanup

A school yard cleanup is a great way for students to connect what happens in the upper watershed with that happens in the lagoon and the ocean. The trash that ends up on the ground at school will eventually end up in the ocean if someone does not deal with it. Here is the link to the California Coastal Commission’s School Yard Cleanup link. You will find some really great information and lots of links to how this project fits in with NGSS.

Directions to Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve Ed. Program

6100 Woodley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91406

From Woodley Ave turn into the park where you see the Japanese Garden sign. Follow the road for roughly 150 feet and turn right.

Follow that road all the way through the park (roughly half a mile) until you reach a parking lot as the road ends. You will see an amphitheater, restrooms and our educators setting up for the program.