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Havasi Wilderness Foundation Grants Program

The Education Department is pleased to announce the continuation of the Havasi Grants Program for school year 2019-20.  This program provides funding for curriculum-based outdoor education at Malibu Lagoon State Beach and Topanga State Park.

Priority will be given to schools who cannot afford the program on their own. Schools are eligible for one grant per year. A portion of funds will be reserved for schools who have never received grant funding and schools located far from natural areas.

Please note: transportation is not covered. Schools are responsible for providing their own transportation.

In addition to these guidelines, schools who receive a Havasi Grant will be asked to complete the following post-program assignment with their students.

Photo/Drawing essay:

  • Students will either take a photo or draw a picture of what impressed them most on their field trip. It can be a plant, animal, insect, a non-living aspect of the ecosystem around the field site etc.
  • Along with the photo/drawing, the students will write an essay (a paragraph is acceptable for grades 3 and below). Teachers, you can get creative with the exact prompt but the overall essay should encompass the following:
    • Why did you choose to draw/photograph what you experienced?
    • Why is the subject of your drawing/photo important to the ecosystem?
    • What can you do to help protect the environment in the future so your drawing/photo subject will be around for a long time?

If selected for a Havasi Grant, you will be given instructions on how to submit the assignments to the Havasi Foundation.

After your program, the Havasi Wilderness Foundation may contact you to see if you are interested in scheduling a post-program visit. During the visit, the Havasi’s are willing to share a lesson or a beautiful photo presentation of their experiences in nature and with conservation. They will also bring medals to present to each student as reminder of time spent learning in nature.

How to apply: 

Reach out to our Education Coordinator directly.

Your reservation will be processed according to calendar and funding availability.  Once you receive confirmation via email, please remember to schedule transportation for your field day as soon as possible.

This program has benefited thousands of students and was made possible by generous support from the Havasi Wilderness Foundation.

For more information contact our Education Coordinator or call 818-597-8627 x103.

To learn more about the work of the Havasi Wilderness Foundation, go to their website here.