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Climate Change Lessons

Utilize the RCD’s high-quality science-based climate change lessons to build a curriculum developed for your class’s specific needs.

Each lesson includes place-based content, allowing students to explore local ecosystems while learning about the valuable ecological services each system provides as well as the challenges each one faces in our unique Southern California habitat.

Students will learn about the hazards and benefits of Southern California wildfires, explore native oak woodlands, travel through local watersheds, and dive into environmental extremes with local tide pools.

After completing the lessons, students will understand the difference between weather and climate, understand the challenges facing our woodlands while appreciating these ecological green spaces, discover the invaluable creatures who call these local creeks and lagoons home and learn how daily fluctuations affect the fascinating critters who live in environmental extremes.

What’s included:

  • A selection of lessons so you can create your own multi-week long self-paced online course
  • Weekly Zoom meetings (early afternoon)

Cost: Email our Education Coordinator for pricing