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 Near the end of 2019, RCD Executive Officer Clark Stevens announced the completion of the schematic design for the Wildlife Overpass at Liberty Canyon.  Since this announcement, quite a bit has happened with this exciting and innovative project

In our previous newsletter, we provided an update to the habitat restoration project taking place in the area surrounding the future overpass.  The restoration was done in the hope of enticing wildlife to utilize the eventual overcrossing while immediately giving animals a safer, more inviting passageway under the 101 Freeway.  Unfortunately, the newly established plants were partially destroyed during the Woolsey Fire and RCD staff, alongside contractors from Pacific Tennis Courts (PTC) and Urban EcoScapes Incorporated, have been working tirelessly to replace the plants that were lost.

 Repairs to this restoration site were completed on March 31, 2020.  PTC installed approximately 10 miles of temporary drip irrigation and more than 50 species and 3,000 additional individual plants.  The RCD also supervised the building of a drainage swale that captures, treats and infiltrates rainwater running off Vendell Place.

The Wildlife Passage project has entered the plant establishment phase of work.  The RCD and PTC will remove non-native plants from the project site through June 30th, 2021, taking special care to completely remove the noxious weeds.  The intensive weeding during the plant establishment period will minimize competition for water and nutrients by invasive or non-native plants.  This will allow the newly planted natives to set deep roots and flourish.  We are already seeing increased use of the site by birds, insects, butterflies, snakes, lizards and small mammals.  It is only a matter of time before bigger animals find and use this safe passage corridor.

Special thanks to Mark Abramson, the President of Urban Eco Scapes Inc., for providing notes and updates on this project.