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Better understand the importance of light, noise and vegetation in creating usable wildlife crossings.


Check out this article from Realtor.com in which our Executive Officer shares his advice on creating a more fire resilient home!

SBWR Wildfire Resilient Habitat Plan

The RCDSMM, in collaboration with The River Project & Balance Hydrologics, hope to improve wildfire resiliency and increase the ecological value of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve.


Many members of our district have been reaching out regarding peculiar behaviors displayed by their oak trees. 

Sudden sticky oozing sap, white powder on new branches, browning twigs, the presence of new insects and beetles, just to name a few! If you have questions regarding the health of your oak check out the article linked below! 

A leader in environmental education and community outreach since 1964, our standards-based programs get students into nature or bring nature to the students, and offer rigorous scientific learning and research opportunities.

RCDSMM partners with public and private landowners to restore native habitat, to prevent the spread of invasive species, and to protect and create green space and migration corridors for sensitive wildlife throughout the Santa Monica Mountains.

The first step toward protecting our resources is understanding them. Our biologists work with public and private entities, citizen scientists, students, and volunteers of all ages to study sensitive species, native habitats, streams and lagoons.

Good land stewardship is essential to a healthy environment. We help landowners assess and plan low impact projects, convert lawns to thriving native landscapes, reduce erosion, combat invasive species, and save water.

Organizational Equity Statement

At RCDSMM, we believe equity is the intentional effort to bring balance to previously imbalanced systems – be they ecological, social or historic. Equity, therefore, is vital to the practice of conservation. We invite our diverse and vibrant community into our sacred work of stewarding the land, and ultimately reconciling and strengthening reciprocal relationships among all humans and nonhumans within our shared home. We commit to ensuring that the envisioning, authorship and implementation of the work that we do is representative of the full range of communities who have and will experience the land we share.

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