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Landowner Assistance

Keep Your Green

Our on-site consultations for land owners providing tips and advice on how to save water, money, and improve water quality by initiating sustainable landscaping solutions on their property.

Biological Reports

We  prepare biological assessment reports that are fully compliant with the requirements of the Santa Monica Mountains LCP criteria for obtaining Coastal Development Permits.

Mitigation Oaks

We plant oak seedlings grown from acorns collected within coastal Santa Monica Mountain watersheds and maintain them for 7 years as they grow into established trees.

Conservation Easements

As part of our mission to conserve and protect natural resources, the RCDSMM can hold conservation easements on open space, agricultural, and wetland lands of special natural resource value throughout our district.

GIS: Mapping & Analysis

Our GIS specialists can develop custom maps showing your property with a variety of overlays, buffers, and bases. If you come to us before starting a development project, and we can perform a constraints analysis to determine where its best to focus your efforts and what areas you’ll need to preserve.