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Field Programs for Students

Environmental Education

Outdoor Education for Grades K to 12

These programs are an excellent way for students to enhance classroom learning, gain experience in the field, and develop a greater appreciation of the natural world.  No pre-site preparation or post-site followup is required.  Each program has a number of rotations where learning is reinforced through a hands-on paperless experience.  Depending on the site, these programs feature the following activities:

  • Marine Science: plankton, native fish, marine birds, water quality, beach ecology
  • Native American Culture: song circle, chaparral hike, acorn grinding, artifacts, rock art, stick dice
  • Freshwater Ecology: introduction to habitat, plankton, birding, water quality

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Service Learning Programs

Field Notes for Grades 3 to 12

These programs are more advanced, offering students a unique opportunity to engage in science research and environmental monitoring.  Pre-site preparation and post-site followup are necessary to the experience of connecting students more deeply to the subject matter at hand.  The field experience is especially hands-on where students will work with special equipment and learn to take and record data.  These programs may feature any of the following activities:

  • Oak woodland restoration
  • Invasive species management
  • Bird surveys
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Endangered fish studies

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