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Make A Reservation


Please provide the following information for each program you wish to schedule. You may schedule up to three programs at one time. Number of groups may range from 1 to 5. Group size may range from about 9 to 15. At least one adult chaperone per group is requested. Adult chaperones add no charge to the program fee.

Program 1

Program 2

Teacher Contact Information

Provide the first and last name of the teacher who will be our contact on program day, the teacher's email and phone number (cell preferred), the complete address of the school or organization, and its phone and fax numbers.

School Type, School District and Mode of Transportation

Please indicate what type of school you belong to, what public school district it is in (even if the school is not public), and how you will travel to the program.

Non-teacher Contact Information

If you're not the teacher, but coordinating on behalf of the teacher, provide your first and last name, your email and phone number. If you wish to receive the invoice at an address which is not the school's, please provide that address.

Program Notes

If applicable to your program, please use this space to indicate special needs, requests, etc.